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Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Imangi Studios was one of the first companies to develop games for the App Store. We defined the genre of endless runners with the Temple Run series. We strive to create amazing experiences and love being at the forefront of innovation.

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• Flexible Hours • Healthy Work-Life Balance • Central Location • Free Healthcare •

UI/UX Artist

Imangi Studios is looking for a strong visual designer with a background in graphic design and an eye for creating a unique vision for the Temple Run game franchise. This UI/UX artist will define a cutting edge, forward-facing look and feel for the next generation of mobile games. The position requires thinking outside the box while respecting technical limitations. You may also work with data analysts and marketing teams to create assets to promote our games. Prototyping, wireframing, and optimizing are required, with overall visual development and improvement serving as the primary goal.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Create high end, modern graphic visuals that function well on mobile devices.
  • Deconstruct the IP and present designs that are authentic to the brand and successful to the genre.
  • Collaborate with multiple departments (design, engineering, etc.) to achieve UI/UX goals and elevate quality.
  • Conceptualize, previz, and implement the game UI.
  • Document and disseminate procedures and style guides to engineers and the other UI artists.
  • Create graphic elements (icons, buttons) that exhibit high art quality and attention to detail.
  • Build and animate UI elements in-engine.
  • Maintain, update, and improve upon existing products, UI/UX, and brand expansion.


  • Knowledge of UI/UX industry standards and trends.
  • Experience designing for mobile games or applications.
  • Previous game development experience is a plus.
  • Sketching/wireframing/storyboarding abilities on paper and screen.
  • Strong understanding of the effective use of color and composition.
  • Proven ability to communicate visually, identifying and defining visual design issues and solutions.
  • Management, creation, and sharing of project style guides, pattern libraries, and asset repositories.
  • 3D modeling, surfacing, and rendering skills with an understanding of lighting, shaders, and materials.
  • Ability to animate 2D and 3D elements in a variety of styles.
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite programs (notably Photoshop and Illustrator), Unity (NGUI), and other relevant art tools
  • A desire to learn, grow, and work in an iterative design environment.
  • Ability to communicate and play nice with others in a dynamic team environment.
  • Passion for games, virtual worlds.
  • Portfolio must illustrate strong UI and graphic design skills, and be easily available for review

Concept Artist

Imangi Studios seeks an experienced Senior Concept Artist to join the Temple Run game development team in Raleigh, NC.

As a Senior Concept Artist, you will work closely with the Art Director and other creative leads to develop visual assets for the Temple Run brand and associated projects. This role will be responsible for creating original and imaginative concept art for characters, environments, and other game assets. We are seeking someone who is eager to push the visual quality to the next level.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Help define the mood and tone of new environments by creating beautiful and engaging concepts for the Temple Run brand.
  • Create readable character, environment, and prop concepts that translate well into 3D art assets.
  • Help create visual targets, style guides and creative briefs for internal and external developers.
  • Help with all visual aspects of bringing a game to market, including assisting in the creation of marketing materials (screenshots, touch-ups, banners, video trailers, icon creation, etc.).
  • Take high-level feedback from the Art Director and other creative leads and turn into positive results.
  • Maintain excellent communication internally and externally with our development partners (as needed).
  • Implement tasks as requested by the art team to streamline and support production.
  • Track and update the progress of day-to-day tasks using designated tracking tools.
  • Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to confirm task direction and consistency of own work.


  • Bachelor’s degree in art, design, or related field.
  • 7 years of video game art experience, mobile preferred.
  • Experience leading creative projects.
  • Highly proficient with Photoshop or similar software. Skills using Illustrator and After Effects preferred.
  • Solid traditional art skills with a deep understanding of composition, color theory, lighting, mood, anatomy, and perspective.
  • Proficiency in life drawing as well as a strong imagination and a willingness to push the envelope, to innovate within the parameters of the game’s world.
  • Excellent illustration skills, with the ability to produce art styles ranging from game art to realistic renderings.
  • Online portfolio and/or demo reel that demonstrates the ability to succeed in this role.
  • A passion for video games and mobile gaming in particular.
  • Self-starter, able to work autonomously.
  • Knowledge of production methodologies and tools, including JIRA and digital asset management processes.
  • Strong communication, visual storytelling, and written skills.
  • Skilled problem-solver that is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with 3D software (Autodesk Maya, 3DSMax, etc.)
  • Experience with video editing/creation software (Adobe Premiere, Adobe Final Cut, After Effects, etc.)
  • Experience with Unity Game Engine.


Imangi Studios seeks an experienced Senior Animator to join the Temple Run game development team in Raleigh, NC.

As a Senior Animator, you will work closely with the Art Director, Tech Art and other creative leads to bring life to the character and environments of the Temple Run world. This role will be responsible keyframe character animation, facial animation, and some environment animation. We are seeking someone who is eager to push the boundaries of what mobile games can do.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Create high quality hand key animations.
  • Collaborate with other disciplines to create a cohesive vision and experience.
  • Articulate animation tool needs.
  • Troubleshoot and solve animation issues with all departments.
  • Implement animation assets into Unity and iterate as needed.
  • Organize and accurately estimate animation tasks.


  • Extensive experience animating characters, including facial animation.
  • Possess clear knowledge of the foundational animation principle (timing, anticipation, balance, weight & appeal).
  • Good understanding of acting principles.
  • The ability to effectively communicate, both creatively and technically.
  • Motivated with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and self-direct them to completion.
  • Minimum 3-6+ years of videogame animation with at least 1 project as a senior animator.
  • Must be able to provide a demo reel or examples of professional work (Online preferred), a breakdown of your contributions to the shot, and an accompanying resume.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience in mobile game development.
  • Experience with storyboarding.
  • Experience with 2d animation.
  • Expertise with Maya and Unity.
  • Experience with Rigging and Skinning.

Technical Artist

Imangi Studios is seeking a talented Senior Tech Artist to join our team and help create industry-leading mobile games! As Senior Tech Artist, you will serve as a bridge between programming and art, ensuring that the art team has the ideal tool-set to meet the demands of high-quality mobile game art creation. You will work closely with the Art Director to ensure the quality bar can be met, while maintaining optimal performance across a variety of mobile devices.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Communicate with all disciplines to resolve issues and improve game quality.
  • Optimize run-time performance of games.
  • Assist the programming team with implementing art-related tools and features.
  • Drive development of 3D art pipeline tools and enhance pipeline process.
  • Contribute to the long-term vision for technical art and graphics at the studio.


  • 5 + years of profession experience developing technical art for video games
  • Experience and depth of knowledge working on mobile games
  • Proficiency with particle effects, shaders, and rigging
  • Experience in programming and/or relevant scripting
  • High level knowledge of Unity
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with a major 3d art package (Maya preferred)

Bonus Points:

  • Strong Photoshop skills
  • Experience with Perforce
  • Knowledge of Imangi games

Senior Systems Designer

Imangi Studios is looking for a Senior Systems Designer to design, support and implement systems within our upcoming F2P mobile titles. Responsibilities will focus on systemic gameplay design, tuning and balancing for game economies, social play, progression systems, gameplay mechanics and upgradable systems.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Reports to the Design Manager and is responsible for designing, prototyping and championing multiple gameplay systems including: player progression, itemization, economies, monetization, and retention mechanics.
  • Creates and provides feedback on design documents and spreadsheets ensuring consistency with creative vision and project priorities.
  • Works closely with Product Owners, Lead Designers, Product Managers and other stakeholders to design, develop, tune, and balance multiple game systems.
  • Works closely with data and analytics team to identify data hooks for tuning and balancing meta systems.
  • Collaborates with other disciplines to ensure creative and business alignment on quality expectations and business goals.
  • Uses expert data analysis skills to plot how the game is being used. Draws conclusions and makes recommendations for how to improve the experience for our players.
  • Continually iterates, balances and tunes features and gameplay based on feedback from team, QA, playtesting, and analytics.


  • BA/BS degree in Design or a related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5+ years and/or at least 2 shipped mobile/F2P titles as systems designer with a proven ability to craft, implement and support major game systems.
  • Development experience within Unity3D.
  • Deep familiarity with top mobile titles and their associated systems.
  • Must be an expert in Excel and/or Sheets with the ability to create systems designs with strong data visualization.
  • Experience with the Atlassian suite of products (Jira, Confluence).
  • Maintain excellent written and verbal communication while working in an Agile development environment.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with Design, Engineering, Art and Analytics teams.
  • A gamer who can empathize with players and their behavior through data; you can constructively break experiences down in order to find value for our players.

Backend Engineer

Imangi Studios is looking for an experienced mid to senior-level Backend Engineer to join our team. The primary responsibilities for this position are to create and maintain scalable and secure backend systems that are capable of supporting cross-platform and cross-project services.

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

  • Build scalable backend services to support multiple live game projects.
  • Develop and contribute to long-term technical solutions and strategies of the engineering department.
  • Leverage monitoring and reporting tools to provide quality metrics.
  • Code reviewing and collaborating with other engineers.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and take full ownership and responsibility for building, shipping, and maintaining core features.


  • Minimum 3-5 years professional experience creating scalable backend systems for cross platform clients.
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or related field required.
  • Demonstrated experience in server architecture and management.
  • Containerized application development, especially using Docker.
  • Database administration, both relational (e.g. Postgres) and non-relational (e.g. DynamoDB).
  • Backend/web development programming languages (eg, JavaScript, Python 2.x and 3.x).
  • RESTful API development.
  • Client/server architecture, specifically for gaming (anti-cheat).
  • Compliance, privacy, and security planning and implementation.
  • Source control using Perforce and Git.

Bonus Points:

  • Game development experience, especially mobile games and games as a service.
  • Cloud backend development with AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Serverless backend development.
  • Familiar with Agile development process.
  • C# experience a plus.

Internship - Summer 2021 Information Coming Soon!

Do you want a chance to work with the team that created Temple Run? Learn about our creative process, contribute to our day to day operations, and experience what it’s like to work in the game industry. We are looking for people with a strong passion for gaming and skills applicable to creating games such as software development, art, design, music, or sound. Apply now and let us know why your skills and background would be a good fit for our team.

Serious Inquiries only.

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