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screenshotImangi Word Squares is our unique take on a popular puzzle that is thousands of years old.

A word square is a grid of letters where each row and column forms a valid word. In Imangi Word Squares, you start with a scrambled word square, and it's your job to unscramble the letters. Simply drag and drop the letters to the correct place. We give you a few hints to get started, and you can always use the hint button if you get stuck.

The game strategy is very similar to Sudoku. If you enjoy that type of puzzle, crosswords, word search, or Imangi, you'll love Imangi Word Squares.

Imangi Word Squares includes the following:
  • Over 1000 hand-selected unique puzzles
  • 4 difficulty levels consisting of 3x3 to 6x6 squares
  • Adjustable hint settings
  • History of the game

Imangi Word Squares is available exclusively on the iPhone App Store for FREE. Imangi Word Squares works with all iOS devices.

Click on the icon below to visit the iPhone App Store to purchase Imangi Word Squares.

Like Word Puzzles?

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